Decolonising LSE Collections – Kevin Wilson (London School of Economics)

LSE Library’s current operational plan makes a commitment to revising its collection development policies to become more inclusive. We aim to undertake this work in the forthcoming months. We are working with students, researchers and academic staff through the Decolonise LSE Week (October 2019), where I am organising a workshop to discuss ideas and areas for improvement. We have reviewed our collections to identify areas of collection strength but are equally keen to identify gaps and areas of weakness, particular of underrepresented groups and narratives. We have reviewed reading list data of more than 70,000 current items to identify areas of publication and pledge to work with staff who want to diversify their reading lists. We are also conducting an Equality Impact Assessment of our collection development policies and are working with LSE’s EDI team to achieve this. We believe that with the project’s completion in early 2020, we will have updated our policies so that they are not only more inclusive but will better reflect the teaching and research needs of all of LSE’s community.

Presentation – PDF

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